When we heard our good buddies Monster Children were teaming up with Obey to throw a soiree for the launch of their 37th issue in Melbourne well we thought we better hop a plane and then a tram to go and shoot the night which was held at The Peoples Market Collingwood.

The rain definitely didn’t scare anybody off as the masses turned out to indulge in the free booze provided by Corona, Old Mount Cider and Bulliet Whiskey who again turned it on with the infamous ‘pickle shots’..

Girls danced on crates with their shirts pulled over their heads. The free grog got smashed and party goers got their mittens on the latest copy of Monster Children.

Whats that.. You want your mittens on a copy a MC 37 too? Well get yo ass down to a Newsagent and see what the fuss is all about.

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